Sunday, March 17, 2013

Live Long and Prosper

So last night, my roommate, Natalie and I were all hanging out.  I commented that it might be cool to have a robot as a roommate.  My roommate preceded to tell me a robot may be a good roommate, but would be a terrible friend.  It'd be like Spock from Star Trek. (She was of course referring to the newest movie with Zachary Quinto, but i digress)  Then someone--I don't remember who--asked "Does Spock even have feelings?"  All I could do at this point was laugh at myself as I tired to explain all I knew of Spock.  And finally I got the words out.
"Spock is a Vulcan.  The Vulcan race has a very violent history on their planet--also named Vulcan--of horrible battles and much bloodshed.  They all feel very intense, raging emotions.  Those grander than the emotions of humans.  So the way the Vulcans remedied their violent behavior was to keep themselves from feeling any sort of emotion.  Now--Spock is half human, so not only does he have this culture to live up to and carry out, but also has a human side that wants to defy the Vulcan way and allow his emotions to be expressed.  He is encouraged by his Human mother to be more human, and expected by his Vulcan father and the Vulcan society he lives in to live a purely Vulcan lifestyle and disregard his Human side completely.  This causes inner turmoil for Spock, making his emotions even harder to control."
I then stopped myself before going on into more detail, like how Vulcans are directly related to Romulans, live much longer than humans, have green blood, their hearts are where our stomachs are, and so on.

And it was in this moment I once again proved I am a huge nerd.

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